Birth Sequence of Jesus and John Per the "Bethlehem Star Theory" 

December 27, 2015 by Murrell G. Selden


This continues the chronology study of the birth of Jesus and John the Baptizer, and more can be found at or .

The chart shows the birth sequence, which I believe the book of Luke Chapter 1 describes.  This chart was derived by years of study, and the correct times in the chart were known in 2012.  The signs (major one conjunction of Venus and Jupiter, then conjunctiion of star Regulus and Jupiter followed by the constellation Virgo with the moon at her feet) were not known by me in 2012.  I added them, since they appear to be true.  And they enabled me to compute other events, such as the date of the Exodus, the exact day of the giving of the Ten Commandments, and the exact day of the birth of Moses.  At first, I thought Jesus was born on June 16th in 2 B.C.E. at the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter.  But when I found the birth of Moses and compared it to the  Talmud, I realized it was instead the day of the circumcision that the conjunction occurred.  The date of the satisfaction of the Abrahamic Covenant (very important to God, Jehovah).

The chart below does not include the conjunction of  Venus and Jupiter in 1 B.C.E., which is at the visit of the Magi who saw either of the noted signs in 3 B.C.E or 2 B.C.E. and eventually came in 1 B.C.E.  for whatever reason (They knew Jesus was just born and did not want to bother him, or they came from very far away such as China, or they needed to get the gifts together, or   ?)  See the videos linked at for detailed simulations.  

The birth chart of Yeshua (Jesus) follows as I understand Luke Chapter 1.

Missing chart


In conclusion, I believe that the "Bethlehem Star Theory" is correct.  See the web pages and  for understanding why the date of birth and the signs are so important.   I feel confident in saying, we can know exact Bible chronology.  As to signs, there may be more.

The signs include blood red moons, but only at appropriate times.  Signs need to be confirmed by the Bible and estimates of times, to see if the apply.  All times should be confirmed by two or three confirmations.  This may be hard to do.  One of my biggest hurdles was realizing that 3 B.C.E. had the extra month, Veadar.  This was a problem for a while, until I studied the astronomy with Stellarium.    I do not know if the sign, or signs found, would be a clue to the second coming of Jesus ("sign of the son of man coming with great power" ).