A Letter to a Believer in Jesus and Lover of God  and Jesus

 (edited slightly on 11/10/ 15; rev.  1/9/16)

Dear Theosophicles,

Thanks for the reply, as I know and understand all you are saying.  Yes, I preach salvation by baptism and repentance from sins,  and doing the commands of Jesus to preach the word (and follow closely in his footsteps and accept the sacrifice of Yeshua.)  

I have discovered that Genesis 1:14 includes signs and times, so the "Star of Bethlehem"  is a sign and indicates a time.  After long study for years, I determined that the time was on the sacred calendar in 2 B.C. E.  It was as some had guessed a conjunction of Venus and Jupiter.  The date was Sivan 6  plus 8  days (date he was circumcised).  He was born on the same day as the giving of the Ten Commandments, Sivan 6.  (YHWH never authorized a Roman solar calendar, even modified as we have it today.)   The Jewish calendar of had 12 or 13 months.  If 12 months, then if Yeshua was conceived in early Tishri,  then he was born around Sivan 6.  Creation of Adam was in early Tishri (probably Rosh Hashanah).


 I realized the visit of the Magi came the following year.  Jesus was over a year old and living in his home town, Nazareth.  He was born in Bethlehem  as prophet Micah told (like King David).

To find the year of the Exodus was easy.  Once I knew Jesus was 30 in 29 C.E., I realized Yeshua announced a Jubilee at Luke 4.  So, as Jubilee years are 50 years apart, going forward all Jubilee years end in numbers 29 and 79 (the next one is 2029 C.E.).  Going back. B.C.E. years ending in 20 and 70 are Jubilee years.  I noted the Watchtower said the Exodus was 1513 B.C.  That is not a Jubilee year, and 1510 is not either.    But, 1520 B.C. is a Jubilee year.  So ten years later in 1510 B.C. was the Exodus.  See my Calculation of the Exodus.

So, I used NASA lunar charts to find the astronomical date for Sivan 6.  I was so joyful to find the "Star of Bethlehem" there perfect, and I realized the giving of the word on Sivan 6 was why Jesus is the word become flesh on the same day in 2 B.C. E.

About the Ten Commandments, the Bible says the Ten Commandments were given on Sivan 6 in 1510 B.C.  Once I knew that, it meant Moses was born in 1590 B.C.  (because he was 80  in 1510 B.C.).  I used my astronomy program to find the "Star of Bethlehem"  in 1550 (40th birthday)  and 1590 B.C. (birth). On the sacred calendar it was at Adar 15 which would mean he was born Adar 7 (8 days earlier).   Adar 7 is proven from the Bible at my web page on Moses (3 ways).  One is from scriptures and two are via the "Bethlehem Star Theory."  Apparently the "Bethlehem Star" can be more than one sign.  

So, in summary, per Genesis 1:14 God had marked times of Bible events absolutely perfect by two planets (in conjunction).  Thus the "Bethlehem Star" is found true (and the heavens cry out knowledge).

God (Jah) kindly gave me the answer, I believe.  Praise God [YHWH] and give Him glory forever (Amen).

Very truly yours (Amen),

Murrell Selden at http://pmcbags.com/biblestudy.html .